"Welcome to the fastest growing real estate company in the Country where we are all owners and proud to be part of something improving the way real estate agents operate within this business, and we are all open book!" -  Quote from a Realtor Colleague; Friend and Mentor to Barry & Kim after they joined eXp Realty in April 2018!


Dear fellow REALTOR(S),

Welcome to the Future of Real Estate!

Thanks for visiting our GPREG artery / team web-page; please find a little info here on eXp Realty and in addition, on what we are doing to help fellow Realtors at GPREG; including times / locations for upcoming informational team training's / meetings / venues in SW FL and elsewhere for our Colleagues / Friends / Artery / Team / Group.  If you are outside of SW FL; please let Barry or Kim or one of our eXp artery know, as we can help; our eXp Team & Network is in every US State; 3 Canadian Provence's; soon extending to the UK, Japan, Mexico, Philippines, New Zealand, Australia and more.  2020 will be a big international year!

In April 2018 Barry & Kim switched Brokerage companies; leaving a local 100% Brokerage, soon after learning about eXp Realty.  Now we are looking to Help All Fellow Realtors; and share information & amazing experiences that we have had since switching, with fellow REALTORS / Licensees.

eXp Realty is a technology based; cloud-based Brokerage that is changing the Real Estate industry!

eXp agents have access to some of the most powerful technologies at no extra cost.  This included top-tier lead-generation software, transaction technology, content marketing tools, and optional advertising support.  Please ask us how it is working for us in our Real Estate Business!!

At eXp Realty, our family of Agents and Brokers build their own businesses while having the opportunity to have a direct ownership in our parent company, eXp World Holdings, as a Shareholder and Partner.

All eXp Agents can take part in a variety of performance and growth incentives, including equity awards, for various achievements including closing their first transaction, the opportunity to earn back their yearly commission cap in stock, and revenue share program.

Since joining eXp, Kim and Barry have formed a group / team; (effectively our eXp artery) which we are continuing to build; which is shaping up to be an impressive, reputable, strong collaborative team; where we as REALTORS, will all have a common end game in place.  The tools that we have to do our day to day business of selling Real Estate is amazing.  For Barry & Kim, as well as for our artery members, we have consolidated since switching to eXp; thus saving us a lot of time; and money to begin with.

Together with our eXp artery; we are here to help you, and to do much of the heavy lifting with systems already in place for all REALTORS who join our artery / team which we have named: "Global Partners Real Estate Group" (GPREG).  We are constantly putting additional systems / tools in place to help our Artery / Team / Group Members.  As the name suggests, we will be helping one another in all aspects of Real Estate, including to have an End Game; we are very much "Global Partners" which will give you limitless possibilities; Locally; Nationally & Globally as we grow!  Many of our artery members are of International Origin which opens up more possibilities for us.

At GPREG our Goal is to protect & enhance all our futures in this industry, while we have the best available tools, technologies, systems, & opportunities that are available in Real Estate; so we can all better help Sellers, Buyers & REALTORS as our business continually changes. No Gimmicks, just Genuine Help.

From our recent 2018 eXpCon in New Orleans where we had 2,000 agents in the one room; we have links to some videos below which will give you a much better insight into eXp.

At the bottom of the page are links for some of our GPREG Artery Members who may have sent you here; where you can begin your due diligence without joining eXp.


Here is a Link to complimentary tickets for various upcoming Global Partners Real Estate Group / Artery / Team events:



Please see the list below of GPREG Team/Group 40 minute meeting venues for you to Learn how to Grow Your Business; and how to Add Additional Residual Income Streams also; as well as links to attend three different Informational Online Webinar Events; please inquire for info on any of them, thanks.

Global Partners Real Estate Group, Weekly Venues & Events:   (listed North to South plus Three Weekly Online Webinars)




Thursday February 21st 2019 from approx. 1pm to approx. 7pm; Barry’s eXp artery (GPREG) have People Coming to SW FL for a fun filled evening as we give back, in a number of ways including to finish off the evening in style with a local Country Music Artist; we have a complete large Bar/Restaurant exclusively booked for the day …. More info to follow; Stay tuned.



FORT MYERS – Thursday, Next date being determined:  5.00 p.m.

Sidelines Sports Bar & Grille – Private Room

4451 Veronica S Shoemaker Blvd, Fort Myers

FORT MYERS venue INVITE LINK:   Please Inquire to arrange a private meeting.


BONITA/ESTERO – Thursday, Next date being determined:  5.00 p.m.

New Private Location

BONITA SPRINGS / ESTERO venue INVITE LINK:   Please Inquire to arrange a private meeting.


NAPLES Downtown - Tuesdays11.00 a.m.

(GPREG private office)

Location will be provided after RSVP

NAPLES Downtown venue INVITE LINK:     https://end_game_for_realtors-naples.eventbrite.com



Golden Gate / NAPLES - Wednesdays5.00 p.m.

(GPREG private Golden Gate Location)

Location will be provided after RSVP

Golden Gate / NAPLES venue INVITE LINK:  https://end_game_for_realtors-naples-golden_gate.eventbrite.com



MARCO ISLAND – Thursday, Next date being determined:  5.00 p.m.

New Private Location

MARCO ISLAND venue INVITE LINK:   Please Inquire to arrange a private meeting.



Zoom WEBINAR – Tuesday Evenings:  7.00 p.m. Eastern Time

Information and link will be provided after your RSVP

Webinar INVITE LINK:     https://end_game_for_realtors-gpreg-webinar-tuesday-7pm.eventbrite.com



WEBINAR - Wednesdays:  1.00 p.m. Eastern Time

Information and link will be provided after your RSVP

Webinar INVITE LINK:     https://end_game_for_realtors-gpreg-webinar-wednesday-1.eventbrite.com



Zoom WEBINAR - Thursdays:  2.00 p.m. Eastern Time

Information and link will be provided after your RSVP

Webinar INVITE LINK:     https://end_game_for_realtors-gpreg-webinar-thursday-2.eventbrite.com



To Help Summarize what we are doing at eXp; please check out some info on the company here on Barry's Link:


http://BarryHoey.exprealty.careers     (Good info here to research some more; including access to an up to date slide presentation; similar to what you would have seen if you had attended a previous team / group presentation.  Here to do your due diligence, you can do an application; just click on "Apply Now As An Agent" ... eXp will NOT contact your Broker ... this will give you plenty of opportunity to research etc.)



eXp World; (eXp Online Campus) - you do not need to be an eXp agent to check it out and / or take Live and Archived classes; just let us know if you are interested in checking it out, and we will send you a link:     (Barry or one of our artery members can meet you in eXp World and show you around.  PLEASE ASK one of us FOR A LINK, thanks.)



kvCORE lead generation is our new, evolved lead generation that replaced Kunversion; which has “industry-leading Lead-Generation features, together with a powerful Smart CRM, Web & IDX, Listings, Transactions, Full Business Analytics & enterprise-grade Business Analytics… All in one simple solution.”

(This along with many other powerful tools, is included in your $50 per Month Tech Fee - Ask Kim or Barry how we use part of the technology for simplified and efficient Lead Generation from a number of streams, and how we did improve; simplify & make Open Houses much more efficient.  Email us at: itsTheFutureOfRealEstate@Gmail.com  )


Link with some info on kvCORE:




Here is a link to our Artery / Team / Group Facebook page:  (Please like and share; Thanks)




EXPI - News release and updates:  




Check out some videos on our artery YouTube Channel including a short Video from NABOR (Naples Area Board of Realtors) 2018 Economic Summit, when Kevin Forman one of the 3 Keynote Speakers spoke about technology and how it will affect Real Estate.





Here is one of our weekly webinars that we recorded in August 2018 - it was hosted by one of our eXp Realty Sponsors, Rich (Richard) Tomasini:  



Here is another more recent Webinar, hosted by Rich and Barry Pulver - 11 18 2018:  




eXp Director of Education Brad Anderson Presentation in eXp World 09 2018:




Highlights From eXpCon 2018 in New Orleans:


Glenn Sanford, CEO, Chairman and Founder, eXp World Holdings says a few words after a breakout session at REBarCamp on Day 1 - video presented by GPREG artery: 



eXp Awards Gala Dinner - Check out the production!! Day 1 at eXpCon Monday 10 22 2018 – video presented by GPREG artery:   



Welcome to eXpCon; Day 2; introduction for the first 15 Mins –

Super Stoked & Beyond”, 15 Min to 32 Mins with Glenn Sanford where he talks about eXp and where we are going –

Is it Today or Tomorrow”, 35 Min to 50 Min with Mary Frances Coleman  –

To Boldly Go”, 50 Mins to video end with Scott Petronis:   



Introduction again by Mitch Robinson; Senior Vice President for Marketing / Communications - From our Recent New Orleans Conference.

This Weeks Top 50 with Senior Vice President of Brokerage Operations; Stacey Onnen & Brokerage Operations Regional Manager; Jim Nuth as they introduce all 50 US State Brokers and more at eXpCon 2018:



The Only Source of Knowledge is eXperience” Senior Vice President of eXp Agent eXperienceKimberly Ryan, makes this Albert Einstein Quote come through as she takes you inside her world; and yours; plus Stacey Onnen provides her diagnosis on Brokerage Operations during eXpCon 2018; Day 2 - video presented by GPREG artery:



Workplace; “Collaboration Makes The Difference”. Introduction by Mitch Robinson; Senior Vice President for Marketing / Communications; Learn what’s next from Michelle Lin and Dan Nieves from Workplace by Facebook; it also Relates to Realtor Safety which is something that Barry promoted and undertook as a project while Co-Chairing the 2015 NABOR Leadership Academy Class; video is presented by our GPREG artery:



The Dream Team” – Teams are important to eXp and to the Real Estate industry; Vikki Bartholomae takes a look at additional resources and efforts being dedicated to this area at eXp.  Vikki explaines the different types of teams at eXp; video from eXpCon 2018 is presented by GPREG artery:



Reach Out and Touch” Somebody’s hand … Diana Ross made those words memorable in 1970; Now Senior Vice President of Industry Relations at eXp, Cameron Paine explains why its more important than ever.  For those of us who work to protect our industry / future; Cameron talks about the MLS and our Data; some of his comments/points included: “Data is Global; we are Local” “Data is the New Oil”  “Data Drives” …  then later at the end, Corey; our Core Values Icon makes an appearance to remind us of our core values at eXp; video is presented by our GPREG artery: 



A Star is Born” - A Star was definitely Born when Glenn Sanford founded eXp; here we have some updates from eXp Marketing Team, and “One More Thing” the VirBELA Purchase Announcement by “Super Stoked”  Glenn Sanford; founder and eXp World Holdings CEO at eXpCon 2018; video is presented by our GPREG artery:



“…. Into the Wild Blue Yonder” – Morning of Day 3 eXpCon 2018 – Recap from Conference so far - Some discussion on what we have covered and more.  Video is presented by our GPREG artery:



Closing Thoughts and discussions with eXp Executive Panel before we got to meet them again one last time for this trip; on Day 3 of eXpCon 2018

Introduction by Mitch Robinson; panel members included: Glenn Sanford, Mary Frances Coleman, Scott Petronis, Vikki Bartholomae, Kimberly Ryan, Stacey Onnen, Cameron Paine and others.  Video is presented by our GPREG artery:




Summary of eXp Realty's main elements from a sponsor in our artery; Brent Gove; who runs a large Real Estate Team in the Sacramento, CA general area.  Brent has written books on conducting Real Estate and also hosts a Real Estate Radio Show on one of the nations top 15 Radio Stations:

At a recent meeting we attended; Brent described eXp as "the 401k for Real Estate" which has the following 4 Pillars:

(1) Training

(2) Lead Generation

(3) Stock Rewards

(4) Revenue Share

Check out the YouTube Videos from above; please email Barry or one of the artery members at:   itsTheFutureOfRealEstate@Gmail.com   or call/text Barry at 239-360-5527 or 251-504-5587 for more information. 


Barry & Kimberly & Artery/Team, Global Partners Real Estate Group



GPREG Members Personal Landing Pages:


Barry:              www.BarryHoey.Com       



To help get you started with doing your due diligence confidentially; without joining eXp Realty & without your current Broker being alerted; here are some of our eXp Artery / GPREG Team Member Links for you to use:


Barry:            http://BarryHoey.exprealty.careers   

Kim:              http://KimberlyZuponcic.exprealty.careers

Jan:               http://JanJohannesPoelstra.exprealty.careers

Alice:             http://AlicePoelstra.exprealty.careers

Tom:              http://ThomasCosta.exprealty.careers

Julie:              http://JulieMans.exprealty.careers

Sharon:          http://SharonMcKie.exprealty.careers

Michelle:        http://MichelleCarey.exprealty.careers

Tony:             http://AnthonyBlevins.exprealty.careers

Pablo:            Use Barry's link for now

John:             Use Barry’s link for now


For the agent who sent you here; please click on their link above to research some more; including access to an up to date slide presentation.  In addition, from here; so as to do your due diligence, you can do an application; just click on "Apply Now As An Agent" ... eXp will NOT contact your Broker ... this will give you time and an opportunity to research what we do at GPREG and what you have at eXp Realty etc.


If you do not see the name for the person who sent you here please email: itsTheFutureOfRealEstate@Gmail.com


Barry Hoey,

Global Partners Real Estate Group



GPREG eXp Artery Certified Mentors:

Barry:       Barry@SWFLLuxury.Com

Jan:          jjpoelstra@gmail.com

Sharon:    naplessharon@gmail.com



For this Weeks Live Training in eXp World; Please ask us for a full copy; it is updated every Sunday.



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