"Welcome to the fastest growing real estate company in the Country where we are all owners and proud to be part of something improving the way real estate agents operate within this business, and we are all open book!"  -  Quote from a Realtor Colleague; Friend and Mentor to Barry & Kim after they joined eXp in April 2018!


Dear fellow REALTOR(S),

Thanks for visiting our temporary web page; please find a little info here on eXp Realty and on what we are doing; including times / locations for upcoming informational Team Lunch & Learn venues in SW FL and elsewhere for our Group.  If you are outside of SW FL let Kim or Barry know, as we can help, our eXp Team & Network is in every US State; 3 Canadian Provence's, extending to the UK, Mexico, Philippines, New Zealand & Australia.  Also; please check out some Agent Testimonials & explanations on this page; we have some info below to help endorse & explain what we are doing. 

In April 2018 Barry & Kim switched Brokerage companies after learning about eXp Realty.  Now we are looking to share information and experiences that we have had in this short time, with fellow REALTORS.

eXp Realty is a cloud-based Brokerage that is changing the Real Estate industry!

eXp agents have access to some of the most powerful technologies at no extra cost.  This included top-tier lead-generation software, transaction technology, content marketing tools, and optional advertising support.

At eXp Realty, our family of Agents and Brokers build their own businesses while having the opportunity to have a direct ownership in our parent company, eXp World Holdings, as a shareholder and Partner.

All agents can take part in a variety of performance and growth incentives, including equity awards, for various achievements including closing their first transaction, the opportunity to earn back their yearly commission cap in stock, and revenue share program.

Since joining eXp, Kim and Barry have formed a group / team; which we are continuing to build; and will ultimately be an impressive, reputable, strong collaborative team; where we as REALTORS, will all have an end game in place.  The tools that we have to do our day to day business of selling Real Estate is amazing.  For Kim and I we have consolidated a lot since switching to eXp; thus saving us a lot of time; and money to begin with.

We are here to help you, and to do the heavy lifting for all REALTORS who join our team which we have named: "Global Partners Real Estate Group".  We are constantly putting new systems in place to help our Team / Group Members.  As the name suggests, we will be helping one another in all aspects of Real Estate, including to have an End Game; we are very much "Global Partners" which will give you limitless possibilities; Locally; Nationally & Globally!



Global Partners Real Estate Group – Upcoming SW FL Team "Lunch & Grow Your Business / Revenue" events:




SW FL Lunch & Grow Your Business / Revenue events:

Barry Hoey and Kimberly Ann Zuponcic with Global Partners Real Estate Group are excited to be hosting informative Lunch & Learn type events in Fort Myers; Bonita Springs / Estero, Naples and Marco Island which will help our team, and all REALTORS in our Group in a number of ways.

Come learn about a very exciting new business platform that is changing how real estate brokerage will be handled in the future.

See the amazing technology and tools to help you do your day to day Real Estate business of Selling Property.

Find out how to grow a national team across state lines, receive stock ownership from your brokerage, develop a residual income stream above and beyond your commissions and more.

It costs nothing to attend; but could cost you tens of thousands if you don't.

Feel free to invite & bring a fellow REALTOR with you.

The next presentations (venues below) start at Noon sharp and Lunch will be provided afterwards.

Please RSVP who will be attending to:    GRPEG.com@Gmail.com 


Next SW FL GPREG Team/Group 45 minute meeting venues for you to Attend & Learn how to Grow Your Business And to Add Residual Income are as follows:



FORT MYERS – Thursday, August 23rd; 11.30 a.m.

Sidelines Sports Bar & Grille

4451 Veronica S Shoemaker Blvd, Fort Myers FL 33916

FORT MYERS venue   INVITE LINK:    https://end_game_for_realtors-fort_myers_08-23.eventbrite.com


ESTERO – Coconut Point – Thursday August 16th; 11.30 a.m.

Bokamper's Sports Bar & Grill (Estero)

8001 Plaza del Lago Dr, Estero

BONITA SPRINGS / ESTERO venue  INVITE LINK:    https://end_game_for_realtors-bonita_estero_08-16.eventbrite.com


NAPLES - Tuesday, August 21st; 11.30 a.m.

GPREG Team Office at Regus - (Naples)

4851 Tamiami Trail N Suite 211, Naples, FL 34103

NAPLES venue  INVITE LINK:   https://end_game_for_realtors-naples_08-21.eventbrite.com



MARCO ISLAND – Tuesday, August 14th; 11.30 a.m.

Joey D’s Italian Restaurant & Bar

701 Bald Eagle Dr, Marco Island

MARCO ISLAND venue   INVITE LINK:   https://end_game_for_realtors-marco_island_08-14.eventbrite.com



To Help Summarize what we are doing; please check out some info on the company here:


 http://BarryHoey.exprealty.careers     (Good info here to research some more; including access to an up to date slide presentation; similar to what you would have seen if you had attended a previous team / group presentation.  Here you can also do an application; just click on "Apply Now As An Agent")





In eXp World you can check out eXp World; (eXp Online Campus) - you do not need to be an eXp agent to check it out and / or take Live and Archieved classes; just let us know if you are interested in checking it out, and we will send you a link:  I can meet you here and show you around.



kvCORE lead generation is our new, evolved lead generation that is replacing Kunversion; which has “industry-leading Lead-Generation features, together with a powerful Smart CRM, Web & IDX, Listings, Transactions, Full Business Analytics & enterprise-grade Business Analytics… All in one simple solution.”

(This is included in your $50 per Month Tech Fee - Ask Kim or Barry how we use part of the technology to improve; simplify & make Open Houses much more efficient.  Email us at:   GRPEG.com@Gmail.com )





Check out this short Video from NABOR (Naples Area Board of Realtors) 2018 Economic Summit, when Kevin Forman one of the 3 Keynote Speakers spoke about technology and how it will affect Real Estate:


Here is a link to our Artery / Team / Group Facebook page:  (Please like and share)




Here is a presentation to share / watch when you have 45 minutes, let Kim or Barry know if you have questions on any part of it:

Brent T. Gove, Realtor / Author / Radio Host Lunch and Learn Video; (recorded in May 2018) on Barry’s Channel:




Here is a link to eXp Realty eXplained by Gene Frederick; titled:  "Welcome to the Future of Real Estate"

Set an hour aside with a glass of wine and enjoy:  Let Kim or Barry know if you have questions.




Here is an amazing & very informative article for you to read which gives an excellent breakdown and description of eXp:

Why a top Agent left Keller Williams and Chose EXP Realty

This was Posted by Mark Z on Thursday, May 3rd, 2018 at 2:11pm.  Please read it all and contact Barry or Kim with any questions.

It's been 30 days now since I have left Keller Williams Realty in Novi, Michigan. There isn't a day that goes by now that I don't get multiple calls and emails from Realtors asking why I left Keller Williams after 12 years and a lot of success. Why did me and my team of 30+ Realtors and staff just pick up and leave? I have sold over 5,000 homes in my career and the last two years were the best years of my entire career selling over $200 MILLION DOLLARS consisting of over 900 transactions. Why in the world would I walk away from this right? I loved Keller Williams and always told myself if I left I would never do another franchise again. So why didn't I just do my own brokerage and keep 100% of the income instead of working for another brokerage? Both are great questions. 

It all started about a year ago when a building came for sale in the same city I have always worked. Huntington Bank was acquiring FirstMerit Bank so they shut this location down and listed it for sale. It was the perfect building with a little less than 4,000 square feet and priced at $700,000. I was very excited and just gave them full price. I closed on it thirty days later. I started working on architectural plans & renovations. All of my dreams were set to come true. I was going to start my own independent brokerage called MARK Z. Real Estate Experts. 

I had a great working relationship with my OP(operating principal) and I respect her tremendously. She's one of the smartest people I have ever met. I sat down with her and other managers in the office and was completely transparent. I told them my plans but didn't know a time line. They were very supportive and although they didn't want to see me go they understood that it was just a matter of time before I would start my own brokerage. After all every single system, equipment and tools that we use on my team I owned except for a few desks. When I say everything I mean it. All thirty computers, phones, monitors, headsets, 23 different phone numbers for tracking marketing sources, websites, office supplies, copiers, printers, and so much more. There were 35+ people at all times among the various companies I own including my property management company JMZ Management, home improvement company Mario Brothers Home Improvements,& Z Apartment group.  We occupied approximately 2,000 SF in our Keller Williams office suite. 

Once I gave notice, my operating principal(majority shareholder) would want to meet with me at least once a month to check and see how my plans were coming and to see if there was something we could of possible done to keep me in the KW family. I can appreciate where she was coming from and wish there was a way to make it work for the both of us, but I couldn't see it. There was nothing at Keller Williams I was utilizing. I generated 100% of my own business and owned all of my systems and tools.

Each time we met she kept telling me that she is hearing rumors that I was going to join eXp Realty. Honestly I had never really looked at it. She kept bringing it up every time we met that I gotta admit I was somewhat curious why she was so concerned. So I looked into it. In the background Jay Kinder and Daniel Beer were both trying to get me to sit down and watch a webinar. I avoided it for months. Until one day I said you know what it can't hurt. I watched the webinar and I felt like I I just struck gold. I felt like I was given all of the tools, technology & systems to be able to not only help my team members succeed at a higher level, but any Realtor for that matter. This was such an easy sell. As my buddy Jay Kinder said to me "Once you see it, you can't unsee it." That always stuck with me. Not only did I love the entire cloud based agent owned brokerage model, but the revenue sharing plan was real. Unlike profit sharing this is simply based on revenue. Meaning the office doesn't have to be profitable for you to get paid on the agents that you sponsor. Every time an agent sells a home that you sponsor EXP Realty pays you 3.5% of their commission up to $2,800 every year. But it doesn't stop there, you actually get paid on six people below that person. 

Revenue Share vs Profit Share: Again big difference between Revenue sharing vs Profit sharing. In the profit sharing model the company has to be profitable before money is distributed to the agents. In the EXP revenue share model, you get paid when the agent sells a house period, no questions asked. It's not based on whether the office or the company is profitable. Game changer. I personally know many people in EXP earning $20,000 to $100,000 a MONTH IN REVENUE SHARING! The Realtor who is six above me(so I'm his 7th level) earned over $100,000 last month as I write this. He has 55 sponsored agents and those 55 agents brought in over 1,600 agents. It grows quickly. What I love about the way they set up the revenue sharing model is that they give you more money for your 2nd level recruit(so the person that is under the person you sponsored) than they do the first level. Why you ask? Because they want to encourage you to help build the person's down line knowing that if you do that the person will be very excited to start building their own. Genius if you ask me. 

Company CAP: EXP takes 20% of each commission check until you pay a $16,000 CAP. Then after you CAP, you pay just a $250 transaction fee for 20 transactions. But get ready for this! After you pay in $5,000 in transaction fees, which is 20 transactions, the company grants you $16,000 back in stock shares! I'm not joking! $4,000 of it is available immediately and the remaining $12,000 is vested for three years. But who cares, I'm not leaving. So every year I get $16,000 back in EXP Stock, because it's a public traded company. The stock symbol is EXPI. It's currently at $13.76 a share. Last year at this time it was under $4 a share. As you can see it's moving for obvious reasons. 

At Avg Sales Price $275,000

Keller Williams                

      eXP Realty

Gross Commission At 3%



KW 70/30 CAP



eXp 80/20 CAP



KW Franchise Fee 6%



eXp Franchise Fee 0% (There Isn’t One)



eXp Broker Review Fee



Your Net





You Net $1,270 More (15% More)

Retirement Plan & Stock Purchase Program: Because it's a publicly traded company you can buy stock in the company and therefore this makes you part owner. The company allows you to take up to 5% of each commission check and buy their stock at a 20% discount. Whatever the monthly average is for the stock you can take 5% of your commission check and buy their stock. So today it's $13.76 that means I get to buy it at $11 a share. And you can sell this stock at any time. Imagine accumulating stock at 20% discount. Which other company offers such an incentive to their agents? I love this part of the company. This is a great retirement plan.

Cloud Campus: This is one of my favorite parts of the company. Talk about instant gratification here you go. EXP is known as an agent owned Cloud Brokerage. What does that mean exactly? EXP has it's own online Campus. Before you get started you literally create your avatar and it's like a college campus. There are four or five classes each day taught by top producers all over the country. You can literally walk into an auditorium sit down listen to the presenter and if you have a question raise your hand and the presenter can call you to speak. Your name is above your avatar so everyone knows who you are. I run into friends across the country all the time and you can talk and ask questions. They have an accounting office you can walk into and ask questions about your commission check. They have a tech center you can ask how to get your website up and running. There are two or three employees in each building 16 hours a day to serve you and answer questions. It's awesome! The cost for the cloud University is $420 a year and they take that out of your first commission check. 

Education: They have over 15 hours a week of live training each week. This isn't just average training. It's done by top Realtors across the country and now that all of these huge teams are coming on board it's about to get even better. You literally walk into an online auditorium and sit down while there is someone on stage speaking with a big screen. You can even raise your hand and be called on. Brad Anderson is the director of education in eXp Realty. 

Technology: So for $50 a month you get two websites. One from Kunversion and one from Commissions Inc. These are really nice websites in the real estate industry. If you were to go purchase these websites on your own you would pay literally thousands of dollars for these sites. Wait it doesn't stop there. You also get skyslope, an online transaction management system along with an e-signature platform built in. You also get one of the best CRM's in the industry kVCore which would cost you thousands if you tried to get it on your own. It doesn't stop there here's exactly what you get when you sign up:

FREE Business Cards 1,000 to be exact 
FREE Commission Inc website
FREE Kunversion IDX Website 
FREE eXp Agent Attraction Website for recruiting
FREE Fax Number
FREE 800 Number
FREE eXp branded Google Apps for work , email, storage, Youtube, and Hangout
eXp World cloud campus
Regus Worldwide Membership
Skyslope Transaction Management Platform
FREE Contact Management System KvCore

Culture & Community: The brokerage I came from always talked about their culture and I agree culture was good. I was worried what the culture would be like at EXP Realty. Here are my thoughts after 30 days. It's better than I could have ever imagined. A lot of the top teams in every state have joined EXP so the brightest most creative minds in the industry have joined forces. The best part is we all have a vested interest in growing the company even if an agent isn't in your downline you still want to help because it betters the company and ultimately will increase revenue and stock price. We are all owners and we all own stock so like I said we all have a vested interest in everyone's success. The company has doubled in size in the last seven months. It's the fastest growing brokerage in the world right now. 

At the end of the day I just couldn't offer everything eXp Realty had to offer if I was an independent brokerage. It would literally cost me millions of dollars to try to reinvent the wheel. By joining eXp Realty I have a huge value proposition now to attract agents including the best agents in the industry. It's very sticky meaning once you get in it's hard to get out which is great for agent retention. I felt like the business was getting boring and now I am just as excited as I was 15 years ago. I feel like the founders took everything that was broken in the brokerage industry and fixed it. 

FAQ for agents considering joining eXp realty

What is eXp Realty?
eXp Realty is the nations first “Agent Owned Cloud Brokerage”.

Who started eXp?
eXp Realty was founded by Glenn Sanford who was a former Keller Williams agent who realized that a cloud based brokerage that offered revenue share was the future of real estate.

When was it started?
eXp Realty was incorporated in 2009.

What does “Agent Owned” mean?
eXp Realty is agent owned meaning that agents can acquire stock in the company and have a vested ownership in the brokerage. There are 6 ways that agents can acquire stock, from simply purchasing it to achieving certain performance benchmarks.

What is a cloud brokerage?
A cloud brokerage is a brokerage that does not have physical offices and conducts business entirely on the Internet. Think of Amazon. They are a cloud company. They have no physical stores yet they sell a heck of a lot of merchandise!

Are there really no brick and mortar offices?
It depends on the state. Recently a lot of big teams who have space have flocked to exp Realty. So it's possible you might be able to use their space or work something out with them for nominal fee. For example here in Michigan, MARK Z Real Estate Experts owns a branch office located at 40020 W 12 Mile Road. Other than that, every agent and broker works from home or a remote office space. The company realizes a tremendous savings and is able to pass on the savings to agents in lowered costs. 

What if I need to occasionally need a physical office?
We have that covered. eXp Realty has an agreement with Regus Business Lounges Worldwide to provide free access to their facilities.

Where does eXp Realty operate?
We are currently operating in 49 states in Canada and growing. We will eventually be in all 50 states and international.

Are there different divisions at eXp Realty?
Yes, we currently have residential, commercial, REO, and a luxury division.

Who is the broker for eXp Realty?
Each state has one state broker. Some larger states also have compliance brokers to help with reviewing files. In Michigan the broker is Cheryl Yost. MARK Z. is the Associate Broker of the MARK Z Real Estate Expert branch office located in Novi, Michigan. 

How many agents does eXp Realty have?
We are constantly growing but as of this post we have over 10,000 agents. We have doubled in size in just the last seven months. We are the fastest growing brokerage in the world right now. 

What is revenue share?
For every agent that you introduce to and joins eXp Realty, you will receive a portion of their annual commissions. You will also receive revenue from agents they recruit up to 7 levels deep. The revenue share component of eXp Realty is the way you can create income even after you stop selling real estate. Rev share is one of the most compelling reasons agents join eXp Realty.

How does an agent build rev share?
Simple. Introduce eXp Realty to other agents that you know. If they join, you become their sponsor and you will receive up to $2800 annually from them if they cap. You will also get rev share from whomever they recruit. All the way down to 7 levels.

How much rev share can we earn?
Well, for every agent you personally recruit (your first line) you get up to $2800 annually if they cap. See the chart above to see what you can earn for 2nd -7th levels.

Do I have to recruit agents?
No. It’s up to you. However, there is a great opportunity to build passive income if you do attract agents to eXp Realty. Ask your sponsor for help.

What is the split?
Everyone at eXp Realty has a split of 80/20 until the cap of $16,000 is met.

What is the cap?
eXp agents cap when they pay $16k to the company. That equates to generating $80K in gross commission.

Where is eXp stock traded?
eXp stock is traded on OTC Markets and as of today's date the stock is $13.70

What is the ticker symbol?
The ticker symbol is EXPI.

What is the start up cost?
When you start at eXp Realty you pay a $149 fee.  There is also an annual $420 university Tuition fee taken from your first annual closing. This pays for cloud campus university and all the services in the cloud. 

What are the monthly costs?
Once you are an agent affiliated with eXp Realty you only pay $50 per month that goes towards tech support. That’s it!

Does eXp Realty charge an annual “Royalty Fee” like some companies?
No, they don’t, and of course there are no desk fees either.

What is the eXp cloud campus?
The cloud campus, also known as “eXp World” is our virtual world where agents and staff meet on the web for training, collaboration, meetings, and support. You can join and tour our campus for free. Go here to download the app and get your avatar.

Is there training?
eXp Realty offers a full array of training offered ever week. Currently over 15 hours a week. 

Where are meetings held?
All of our meetings are held in the eXp Cloud Campus. We have everything from a large auditorium to small intimate spaces to meet clients.

Des eXp Realty have conferences?
Yes, eXpCon is our annual conference held in different cities. Past conferences were held in Las Vegas, Chicago, and San Antonio. We are excited to announce eXpCon is going to be in New Orleans in Oct 2018! We also have annual ownership meetings for stockholders.

What tools are available to agents?
eXp Realty offers a wide array of tools for agents including:
A free Commission Inc website
A free Kunversion IDX Website 
An free eXp Agent Attraction Website for recruiting
A free Hello Fax Number
Free eXp branded Google Apps for work , email, storage, Youtube, and Hangout
eXp World cloud campus
Regus Worldwide Membership
Skyslope Transaction Management Platform
Free Contact Management System KvCore

What kind of agent support do you offer?
eXp Realty offers superior agent support. Each state or region has an “agent services” person and a transaction coordinator. You simply log in to eXp World and go to the department you are looking for and ask for help.

What kind of tech support do you offer?
eXp Realty has a whole division that offers tech support. Need help with eXp email? Questions about Word press? Wondering how to use Google apps? We got you covered. Live tech support is located in the eXp Cloud Campus.

What is the process of joining eXp Realty?
Easy, just visit: http://BarryHoey.exprealty.careers and fill out the simple application.  Then the agent services department will start the quick onboarding process and send you the independent contractor agreement.  If you have any other questions please do not hesitate to email:   GRPEG.com@Gmail.com   or call/text Barry at 251-504-5587.

If another Global Partners Real Estate Group, team member sent you, please let us know.

I hope this helps.

Barry & Kim; Global Partners Real Estate Group



EXPI - News release and updates:  




Summary of eXp Realty's main elements from a sponsor in our artery; Brent Gove; who runs a large Real Estate Team in the Sacramento, CA general area.  Brent has written books on conducting Real Estate and also hosts a Real Estate Radio Show on one of the nations top 15 Radio Stations:

At a recent meeting we attended; Brent described eXp as "the 401k for Real Estate" which has the following 4 Pillars:

(1) Training

(2) Lead Generation

(3) Stock Rewards

(4) Revenue Share

Check out the YouTube Video from Brent's Lunch and learn above; please email Barry at:   GRPEG.com@Gmail.com  or call/text Barry at 251-504-5587 for more information. 


Barry & Kimberly, Global Partners Real Estate Group


This Weeks Training in eXp World; Updated 08/12/2018




August 12 - 18, 2018


eXp WorldThis Week's eXp Training Schedule

Hours of live training each week on eXp tools and business best practices inside of eXp World. Jump in a meeting or learn on the go with eXp agents everywhere. For all upcoming training with locations please refer to the training calendar.




Real Estate 101
3 pm HST / 5 pm AKT / 6 pm PST / 7 pm MST / 8 pm CST / 9 pm EST

Join Jonathan Dupree every Sunday to learn about real estate basics. In these sessions, we will cover mastering the fundamentals of Prospecting, Presenting, Follow Up, Building Your Database, Communicating To Your Database, Lead Generation, Scripts and Dialogue, Prospecting vs Marketing and much more.




Mastermind for eXp Agents
4 am HST / 6 am AKT / 7 am PST / 8 am MST / 9 am CST / 10 am EST
RE Tech Conference Hall

An open forum mastermind group hosted by Wendy Foreman that meets weekly to discuss agent best practices, challenges and the next steps for growing a successful real estate business.


SkySlope Basic Training
5 am HST / 7 am AKT / 8 am PST / 9 am MST / 10 am CST / 11 am EST
RE Tech Conference Hall

Join Jeffrey Kist for a power-packed hour full of basic transaction tips, details and best practices using the SkySlope transaction management system.


SkySlope Advanced Training
6 am HST / 8 am AKT / 9 am PST / 10 am MST / 11 am CST / 12 pm EST
RE Tech Conference Hall

Join Jeffrey Kist for a second power-packed hour full of advanced tips and best practices using SkySlope, ZipFormPlus, and DigiSign to complete your listing and sale paperwork.

Prerequisite: SkySlope Basic Training


6 am HST / 8 am AKT / 9 am PST / 10 am MST / 11 am CST / 12 pm EST

Come join Jeffrey Buettner and learn the latest technology tools that influence real estate and your business.


Farming for Dollars
7 am HST / 9 am AKT / 10 am PST / 11 am MST / 12 pm CST / 1 pm EST

Join Brad Andersohn and a discussion with training around farming, prospecting, target marketing and niche advertising etc. to specific individuals and audiences within your local community, nearby neighborhoods, and across the globe.



Commercial & Investing Mastermind
8 am HST / 10 am AKT / 11 am PST / 12 pm MST / 1 pm CST / 2 pm EST
Productivity Center

Join the brainstorming, sharing, and collaboration of industry masterminds in Commercial Real Estate. This group meets weekly to discuss and share opportunities and best practices for agents involved in Commercial or Investing.


Goal Setting for Agents
9 am HST / 11 am AKT / 12 pm PST / 1 pm MST / 2 pm CST / 3 pm EST

Brad Andersohn shows you how to set your real estate financial goals and start your business plan with a simple and useful tool called the agent goal planner. Learn the next steps to growing your business built around your real estate financial needs.


Name The Price - Get It Sold
10 am HST / 12 pm AKT / 1 pm PST / 2 pm MST / 3 pm CST / 4 pm EST

Buyers and Sellers rely on you to NAME THE PRICE!  But what we say doesn't matter!  It's the MARKET!  Let's strategize pricing for buyers!  Do you know how to analyze how much higher than list price should you offer?  That is the question you need to answer.




eXp Agent Orientation
5 am HST / 7 am AKT / 8 am PST / 9 am MST / 10 am CST / 11 am EST

We go over some things that will make your transition to eXp Realty quick and easy such as: Business card ordering, eXp websites, company contacts, etc. We will also have time to get answers to any questions you may have so far.


Virtual Reality Workshops
6 am HST / 8 am AKT / 9 am PST / 10 am MST / 11 am CST / 12 pm EST
RE Tech Conference Hall

Join this workshop and mastermind group to get the most out of your Virtual Reality eXperience. Learn from guest VIP eXperts using a variety of VR strategies, platforms, 360 cameras and VR technologies. Get education, training, and support for your VR in Real estate.


Lead Generation Workshop
7 am HST / 9 am AKT / 10 am PST / 11 am MST / 12 pm CST / 1 pm EST
Productivity Center

Lead Generation for Real Estate business. Join Brad Andersohn weekly and learn how to increase your prospecting contacts, get more appointments, and close more transactions using target and niche marketing strategies. Explore custom-tailored farming initiatives and unique prospecting techniques.



Powered by CINC Training
7 am HST / 9 am AKT / 10 am PST / 11 am MST / 12 pm CST / 1 pm EST

Join Steven Bailey and learn how to get started with your eXp Powered By CINC Internet Marketing Platform.


Getting Started with RPR®
8 am HST / 10 am AKT / 11 am PST / 12 pm MST / 1 pm CST / 2 pm EST

Gain a basic understanding of how to use RPR’s dynamic data and best-in-class tools to help attract, retain and lead clients to the closing table.


kvCORE Team Platform - Information Session
8 am HST / 10 am AKT / 11 am PST / 12 pm MST / 1 pm CST / 2 pm EST
RE Tech Conference Hall

Have a Team and love kvCORE? Come and learn about the added benefits you'll receive when upgrading to the kvCORE Team Platform. In this informational session, Inside Real Estate representative will talk about benefits, features, and price.



eXp Marketing Center Training
9 am HST / 11 am AKT / 12 pm PST / 1 pm MST / 2 pm CST / 3 pm EST
Productivity Center

Brad Andersohn shares the ins and outs of this exceptional suite of tools. You will learn how to locate, modify and customize marketing materials, client presentations and much more! The NEW eXp Marketing Center resource provides eXp agents and brokers a plethora of marketing and advertising materials and templates.




eXp World Training
5 am HST / 7 am AKT / 8 am PST / 9 am MST / 10 am CST / 11 am EST

Brad Andersohn shows all avatar trainers, presenters, coaches, staff, agents, and brokers how to maximize the presentation tools and eXp World core technologies. Learn what tools are available and the secrets behind using them effectively.



Build Your Revenue Share
6 am HST / 8 am AKT / 9 am PST / 10 am MST / 11 am CST / 12 pm EST

Bring your questions, challenges and wins as we dive into all things revenue share and agent attraction. Join Sam Rodriguez as he discusses best practices, scripts, objection handlers and company policies.



Introduction to eXp Realty
7 am HST / 9 am AKT / 10 am PST / 11 am MST / 12 pm CST / 1pm EST

You and your guests are invited to come learn about eXp and why agents are making the switch to eXp Realty.



SkySlope Basic Training
8 am HST / 10 am AKT / 11 am PST / 12 pm MST / 1 pm CST / 2 pm EST
RE Tech Conference Hall

Join Jeffrey Kist for a power-packed hour full of basic transaction tips, details and best practices using the SkySlope transaction management system.



DISC Workshops
9 am HST / 11 am AKT / 12 pm PST / 1 pm MST / 2 pm CST / 2 pm EST
RE Tech Conference Hall

Learn how to master your communication skills and understand human behavior to help grow your real estate business. Learn how using DISC will help you connect with consumers and understand clients.




The Math Behind Lead Generation
4 am HST / 6 am AKT / 7 am PST / 8 am MST / 9 am CST / 10 am EST

Come join Jeff Buettner to talk about how much you should be investing into Lead Generation, use proven calculators to come up with specific numbers, and understand things like cost per lead and conversion rate.



Making It Rain - Lead Generation
4:30 am HST / 6:30 am AKT / 7:30 am PST / 8:30 am MST / 9:30 am CST / 10:30 am EST

Do you have too many real estate leads? Learn more about how the "Making-It-Rain" program can help generate you more qualified leads at a fraction of the cost. Jeffrey Buettner shares all things that can help agents Make It Rain.



eXp Enterprise Training
5 am HST / 7 am AKT / 8 am PST / 9 am MST / 10 am CST / 11 am EST

Brad Andersohn shares how to use and maximize the eXp Enterprise app. Learn how to track transactions, company stocks and equity share, find agents, capping status and use the tools to get custom details about revenue share. Your one-stop enterprise application for all your business needs and all things eXp Realty.



Real Estate Content Creators - Beginners
6 am HST / 8 am AKT / 9 am PST / 10 am MST / 11 am CST / 12 pm EST
Productivity Center

Blogging Basics for Beginning and Newer Bloggers: Join Moderators Lori Cain and Beth Ellyn Rosenthal to learn those very important basic best practices of successful real estate blogging. Learn, share, network, collaborate and grow your business with blogging tips, brainstorming, and shared resources. 



Accounting 101
7 am HST / 9 am AKT / 10 am PST / 11 am MST / 12 pm CST / 1 pm EST
Accounting Room

Join us every Thursday in The Accounting Room to learn the basics of Accounting at eXp Realty. How to accumulate stock at eXp, where is it located, and how to manage it. When to expect revenue share disbursement as well as how to calculate. Discussion about what fees to expect as well as how to stay up to date with fees owed to eXp.



Social Media Mastermind
7 am HST / 9 am AKT / 10 am PST / 11 am MST / 12 pm CST / 1 pm EST
Productivity Center

The social media mastermind group is for real estate industry professionals looking to maximize their efforts and success using social media.



kvCORE - Advanced Training
8 am HST / 10 am AKT / 11 am PST / 12 pm MST / 1 pm CST / 2 pm EST

Join trainer Brett Kay to learn more and dive deeper into the power features of kvCORE in this advanced training session.



eXp Agent Orientation
9 am HST / 11 am AKT / 12 pm PST / 1 pm MST / 2 pm CST / 3 pm EST

We go over how to make your transition to eXp Realty quick and easy, such as: Business card ordering, eXp websites, company contacts, and more.




eXp Leadership Meeting
5 am HST / 7 am AKT / 8 am PST / 9 am MST / 10 am CST / 11 am EST

Hear the latest updates from the executive team, state brokers, department leaders, and agents in the company from around the world.



6 am HST / 8 am AKT / 9 am PST / 10 am MST / 11 am CST / 12 pm EST

ICONversations and the ICON-Hour is a weekly opportunity for you to come learn, share, collaborate and engage with eXp Icon Agents who have achieved ICON status and are giving back their valuable time and insights to other eXp agent owners.



Introduction to eXp Realty
7 am HST / 9 am AKT / 10 am PST / 11 am MST / 12 pm CST / 1 pm EST

You and your guests are invited to learn about eXp and why agents are making the switch to eXp Realty.



kvCORE - 101 Beginner Training
8 am HST / 10 am AKT / 11 am PST / 12 pm MST / 1 pm CST / 2 pm EST

Join kvCORE Trainer Brett Kay and learn all the kvCORE basics and benefits in this beginner session.




If you have questions on any aspect, please email Barry at:  GRPEG.com@Gmail.com  or call/text Barry at 251-504-5587, anytime. 


Barry & Kimberly,

Global Partners Real Estate Group.